Saturday, January 24, 2009

Well Hello Kitty

images courtesy of M.A.C 

MAC Cosmetics have released their new Celebrity range - this time the 35 year old Hello Kitty.
I just love the imagery and imagine the little girl in us all will enjoy this one. Rush for this one these collections sell out super fast. That pink on the lip and nails is sensational. 
 My first and only Barbie was the M.A.C Barbie - my gorgeous friend Jason insisted on having her and I had no ammunition for his pleading eyes and sizable Barbie collection. 
Well this time you have plenty of warning - hands off my Hello Kitty - go get your own or lick up the spilt milk.  meow. 
Available March 9th in selected MAC stores. 

1 comment:

Style On Track said...

Adorable, who doesnt love a hello kitty anything! Toaster anyone? The first shot is definitely my fave :)