Thursday, January 8, 2009

Get your skates on

Louis Vuitton celebrate the return of the Stephen Sprouse collection with a 2009 tribute.

The Collection is vibrant in the popular Sprouse handwriting (revamped in Neon) as well as the beautiful roses.   

The Skateboard and case being a bit of a standout. 
One of the most energy efficient modes of transport available on four wheels, - only ..... would you actually take it out of it's case and ride it ?

The Soho NYC flagship store will transform with a temporary showcase of Sprouse's signature collection with Graffiti embellishing the building in a special vinyl wrap  for the occasion. (amazing)  

The Limited edition skateboard is exclusive to the Greene street location (at US $8,250) - as is a Limited edition "Roses" T-shirt (at US $250 a pop). With a worldwide launch of the range February 2nd, Sprouse's signature "roses" pieces are due to start popping up in a store near you from tomorrow.

  The hit collaboration with Marc Jacobs in 2001 was a sell out  and the first time the LV monogram had been embellished. The artist passed away in 2004.

Proceeds will go to the Stephen Spouse Memorial Scholarship Fund, Sprouse estate, and Free Arts NYC Program. 

If you missed it the first time around, and you have LV fever, get your skates on. 

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