Wednesday, January 14, 2009

and the bride kissed the bride

I am really not very good at keeping up with celeb goss and the magazines stuffed with them - like if they do not leave Katie Holmes and her little girl alone I think we should start taking photos of the editors of these ghastly titles bums and posting them and see how they like it ......
I digress 

SO in August Ellen and Portia got married 
I love the shot I love that they are happy I love what they wore I love they squeezed that one in before the bigots shut down gay marriage again in California I love that I have met neither of them yet I am touched by their happiness 

this is one of those great stories that would be in one of those awful mags - but making the life of a new celebrity mother miserable probably made the cover instead. 

congrats ladies I wish anyone who is brave enough to love so publicly all the happiness in the world. 


AusAnna said...

they look so beautiful. love is precious in any shape or form.x

marian said...

lovely comment, thank you x