Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Kelly of one's own

 continuing on my little dream bag theme ...

I stumbled on this gorgeous little treat on the Hermes website, I had to share.
I am just loving the H of my dreams right now  ( their christmas card this year is just divine *)

Hermes have created a way for us all to have a Kelly bag ! 
minus the car or bag decision .... or the waiting list for that matter. 
ta da !

Stuck on a rainy day with a printer and some scissors
 - how adorable :-)    I just love them 

*remind me to post a shot of the chrissy card x

Thursday, December 25, 2008

joy to the world

if it is just joy to the world - that would suit me fine 
x joy to your world x joy to The world 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

one for me and one for charity

One last little Chrissy ( or new year crush )

 Gucci are supporting Unicef with 25% of sales from this Tattoo Heart range going to the charity. 

The campaign is fronted by Rihanna the cute singer ( whilst she is not talking IMHO) - and I'm thinking this was not typical Gucci - they tell me she has bought a whole new audience to the Italian giant and the range is doing exceptionally. Good for her and Unicef. 

I am very prone to a little one for me, one for them shopping, this one is the gift that gives and gives. Better make that two then please  x 

Merry Christmas to you

Monday, December 22, 2008

larger than life

Our current KAREN cover on display in the foyer of Luxe Studios in Liverpool st East Sydney - HOT. 
Even Eva Mendes looks like she is checking it out. ..... 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

am I dreaming ?

Incredible ! 
Lilac and Gladioli of course. 

The quintessential Australian beauty Dame Edna and the fearless cosmetic company MAC kiss and create a makeup collection. 

here is a precious quote from the Dame herself : 

"I stay glamorous because it's a thing that comes from within. I do my G spot exercise every morning. I wake up look in the mirror and say 'Edna, you are gorgeous. You're Gorgeous!' And I go through the day absolutely gorgeous"

I think we may all benefit from that advice - and lashings of Kangarouge.
 Look out for this little collectors treat from MAC counters in the new year possums. 
Then a little birdy tells me to say hello kitty. 


This year we produced the magazine for Mecca Cosmetica called Go Global

We met this gorgeous woman in the process Adelaide Clemens, actor. With an awful lot of telly under her belt for a young lady she will be in her first film, Wolverine out next year.  

 We had the incredible Liz Ham shoot the editorial - in a private estate in Sydney's east. Adelaide is wearing this season Kate Sylvester clothing and eyewear.

With the whole team on back to back shoots and squeezing the timing to make deadline, Adelaide the pro in her teens seriously knocked our socks off! 
Keep an eye out, we predict you will be seeing more of Miss Clemens. 

Friday, December 19, 2008

I got this card in the mail

Goddess bless them it is feeling very 1985 right now -with out a lot of modernisation usually involved in a retrospective fashion cycle. Now I will have to hunt down a version of me then - in the meantime - this just has to brighten your day. 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

all I want for christmas


Well this little package certainly made my day !

That creamy yellow bag - the gorgeous box you cannot seem to throw away and the increasing collection of delicious scents on my dressing table and in candles around my home - bliss 
Jo Malone is just so refined, restrained, luscious and luxurious all at once. 
It is hard to have a favourite and it is nice to have one for each season and destination. 

thank you for the best christmas present DDM. x 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

abuzz and in a flutter.

Lancôme Oscillation Mascara.

I have eyelash issues, I have nothing visibly distinguishable to flaunt, suffice to say my mascara really has to work hard. 
My favourite mascara in the world is made by Lancôme. They really make the best. I have two in my bag, one a super black and fat - the difference is 1960's proportions.  The other is waterproof - I am a swimmer and I am prone to being even emotionally moved by those queer eye boys.
 When Lancôme do something special with mascara - it is like a new  genius undergarment, I take notice. There are the pretty and simple in cosmetics, as in undergarments - however mascara is in the full form, architecture and technology dept. 
And Lancôme has created their new masterpiece, Oscillation Mascara.

The vibrating wand has created a world wide flutter - and yep there is reason.
It is marvelous
Fast, perfect application, great lengthening, defining and curling form - and it is kinda fun.

A little button on the side of the lid/handle ignites the vibration that when applied creates the ziz zag motion that professionals use to coat lengthen and separate for the top and bottom coverage of the lash. 
Even though the whole process is swift - take your time in long slow sweeps. Bottom lashes, try using just the top tip with the want vertical concentrating on the ends of the lash rather than closer to the eye for an opening effect. 

Now available on order in NZ - (whimper) - on counter early next year and perhaps if you are on the waiting list by the looks of things. 
Rock star behavior I know! and worldwide consumers are buying two at once! 
What a serious fan base. Now if my order could just join the vip queue please.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Hair space

In the category of - I want an office like that. 
ghd the global beauty hair brand have stunned us with their Leeds,UK HQ design. 
2001 a space odyssey and hair care collide ! And I'm guessing the staff all felt the need to dress a little swankier too. 
Designed by Carey Jones Interiors the foyer even has its own in built catwalk.
The two floored office housing the ghd academy on the lower level covers an astonishingly big 17,000 sqm. 
Not only has the yorkshire company taken over our hair rituals on a global scale they have now set a standard in office design. Not a hair out of place. 

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Beside buying men something practical or something you think they need for Christmas. 
I thought this may be the gift that keeps giving ;-) 
- and the model is so dam cute how could I not post him ?
The Label STONEMEN is the creation of (KAREN) photographer Marc Debnam and producer Lenny Christou who may have solved our christmas dilemmas. They have some fabulous delivery and gift wrapping services - have a look. www.stonemen.com 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh Olivia O

We have a new local model crush.
And by the sounds of things you may be feeling the same way too shortly. 

Model fans look out for this little Kiwi sweetie, shot here by Charles Howells  just landing an exclusive editorial deal with Australian Vogue. (look out in the new year)

 Olivia is placed in the trusty hands of the one and only model mania blogger and booker Joseph Tenni at Chadwick models. Her mother agent in NZ Nova and her international manager MHI ( genius)  have a lot to be proud of. 

There was a little too much speculation about a Prada show hold for my liking recently - these things should really only be spoken about once the beauty actually graces the runway and then ka-pow impact and PR - never the less the hype has settled and the proof is in the pictures. 

It is a rarity for girls with such presence and height to be discovered in NZ and anyone local may remember her from the ( dare I say tacky ) all over bronzer TVC commercials - to say it simply, she has come a long way baby and fast. - no doubt you will be adoring something on her in the not to distant future. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

in times of troubles

Publishers Condé Nast have confirmed the launch of a new Bi annual magazine called LOVE with Katie Grand mid february 09. Grand is the former editor-in-chief of POP and staffer on Dazed and Confused and the Face magazines, as well as stylist to Louis Vuitton and Prada. 
Also announcing expansion is one of our hot faves Fantastic Man with the launch of Fantastic Woman.
With the crash of the worlds stock markets it takes no crystal ball to know will be buying more affordable luxuries - accessories, lipstick and magazines thank you !

blow me over .....

If you have not been into NZ's MAX fashion stores of late you will get a surprise  - fashion! 

Delighted, I used pieces for a portrait recently and even better on the horizon, this is what will be in store in Late February for Autumn. With a new capsule delivery every six weeks. 

Those clever Ezi Buy people have taken over the brand and done a radical makeover that will in turn give the nation one. 

Lets just say I have not had the calling to shop there in the last five or six years. That is all about to change by the looks of these pieces. 

Adding to my enthusiasm just announced to star in the racks in March is Kirrily Johnston's capsule collection. 
We are big fans of Kirrily here at KAREN.
 Kirrily Loves Maxshop as specially previewed below hot from the studio. 
Gorgeous ....want it already. 

How can you not love a designer bargain to go with high end accessories- it will no doubt be snapped up swiftly.  NZ is a little light on the high/low designer treat, made so popular by the big multinational chains. And here is where I have to say clothing in New Zealand can be very pricey. Just having those additions to the party wardrobe or the staples for the office, both stylish and affordable from a retailer understanding highstreet fashion, brilliant. 
And yes MAX is coming to Australia - Nice of them to share.
look out for the soon to be lunched maxshop.com  

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

if it saves the day .....

Inspired by the MAC red christmas offering I thought it only just to pop up some of Marc Gysin's incredible red lips - studies have shown that when seeing a woman with beautiful makeup, our heart rates lower and we feel happier - do the world a favour- world peace pucker up !

Monday, December 8, 2008

issue 7

Starting by introducing you to our cover model Emma Booth, who's reaction to the cover is largely unprintable - lets just say she was delighted with a lot exclamations in her emails and huge acknowledgment to Charles Howells our cover photographer.
Emma has been writing to us from set, playing Clive Owen's love interest, then up to the UK filming Pelican Blood followed by Paris for the cinematic adaptation of an Australian novel. That is 5 films yet to be released - we will be seeing a lot more of Emma Booth in the coming year.  
Emma wears Gucci fall 08 
Makeup by Rae Morris Hair by Sarah Laidlaw shot on location at Luxe Studios Sydney.