Thursday, January 22, 2009

optimism and the brand

Calvin Klein perfumes had a little shindig with Rock the Vote last night in Washington to celebrate the inauguration of Barrack Obama as President. 
Cleverly leveraging the hope and optimism of the "re" United States of America for a little relaunch of the fifteen year old Fragrance CK One. 

Jamie Burke the model and lead singer of the Band named Burke is pictured singing at the gig and in the staring role for the CK One TVC I have included.

 "we are one" is the new catch cry and the new gen of CK fans will be sniffing afresh what was the smell of the early 90's androgynous grunge generation. 

  Never "one" (excuse the pun ) to miss out on cashing in on the mass psyche, CK is right there in the mosh pit of the warm and fuzzies for the new Global hope in the US President. 
Personally I loved it at the time and I am happy that something great is getting a new audience.

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