Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yes this is what a good looking woman at 50 with a facelift, botox, lots of filler, shot by a good photographer with the worlds best in hair and makeup working on you looks like-  BEFORE RETOUCHING !

These are Steven Klein out takes "ouch"-  found on Candy Store 

sigh and be relived - I know it you know it - modern photography is part painting now 
relax in your own skin - enjoy the pictures knowing they are part fantasy.

Or go to the reality programming or the Nat Geo/ Discovery channels - plenty of pores and hair over there. 

Geeze someone's head is going to roll with the leak of these shots - ALWAYS always be nice to the assistants - they can break you too it seems !   


Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...


Kitten said...

Thank you so much for posting realistic pics of that shrivelled old hag.
Guess you can tell I'm not so fond of her, but also from a clinically cold fashion point of view the photos are fascinating.

marian said...

I do not understand the white g and the hose with a post surgery bandage wrap ? - it is great to be able to acknowledge to women the ideal is so so far from what is real. - we certainly use retouching at KAREN - we also shoot our covers without foundation to get that luminosity of real skin. It is when as a woman I am bombarded by post baby bodies of Celebs and a fifty year old woman who trains half of everyday with the worlds best at her fingers - comforting to know she has thighs rolls of flesh, far from "perfect features", and for us to stop measuring ourselves up to this. We are all beautiful in our own way, it is important to love ourselves.

bangkok101 said...

And who is the good photographer?
Annie Lebowinski?

By the way, good blog but why do you have to use the bloody, dated AM/PM which is so colonial and post imperialistic.

Today in 2009: Ante Meridiem Post Meridiem! AM/PM is nonsense!

The time is "24 hour time"

AM/PM sucks!
Tempus Fugit

My time, my COMPAQ in Bangkok says 20:52 and cool slim NOKIA also tells me 20:52.

What's the problem

Johnny Hates Jazz
I hate AM/PM!

John K Lindgren

marian said...
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marian said...

ok- I hear you- I kinda like it :-)
+ I checked - 2 out of three of your blogs have am/pm
call me crazy ?

el polacko said...

what's with all the bitchy snark ? she looks terrific..certainly better than the hostess of this blog.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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