Wednesday, January 28, 2009

sailing into the sunset

image ©Louis Vuitton / Edwin Levick, Mariners Museum, VA USA  
On Board the Class J Endeavor in 1934.

Today was one of those days - the perfect day.

Midday on the harbour the most beautiful yachts I have ever seen - futuristic  elegant sails that looked like liquid metal - my people have arrived ! 

Delicious lunch at the super cute "Fish and Chips" on Takapuna Beach with Jodie, Tatum and Lisa right in front of the chase around the Volcano, Rangitoto commanding prime position in the harbour. 

A life altering haircut by Lucy Vincent Marr and a new Christine Crabb silk dress HOT HOT HOT. I really feel great and many compliments ensure :-) 

 Breeze in to the LV Queen st store handed a glass of Moet and view the Louis Vuitton "Winds and Sails" exhibition -"La   Légende de l'America's Cup et de la Louis Vuitton Cup" historic photographic exhibition in the private gallery upstairs. -  I love this company, their extrordinary history is linked with travel and Yachting is in their very fabric.

LV have broken away from the America's Cup and are hosting from this  Friday in Auckland, the very glamourous Louis Vuitton Pacific Series. 

So with bubbles in hand I saw a truly beautiful collection of photographs curated by the charming Bruno Troublé. With historic images of the Kennedy's, full blown romantic sailboats,  sailors that JPG would melt over to the modern fast arial racing shots that simply invite adrenaline being so dynamic. 
Angela, Melinda and Mark all in one place for a rare new years catch up - just delightful, they are all sparkling and in fine form hosting the worlds elite sailors.  

My trip back to my beautiful island with the softening sun and a flock of sails all around us to complete the day. 


Luna Supernova said...

a big thanks to melinda for alerting me to KARENS blogspot, there will definately be an honorary mention of it in the article (which i am writing right now).


AusAnna said...

describing a perfect day while im stuck in my work with no windows. so jealous!