Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a lacy appointment

                                        photos courtesy of Bendon

There is nothing complacent about the new Elle Macpherson Intimates Boudoir range. She is very girly and candy - and those silks would look gorgeous against a naked thigh. 

Statistics are showing that we are way to stressed to  get busy at what we all set out to look busy for in the first place mostly along the lines of - sex, power and money.  So I thought perhaps the ritual - the lingering delightful thoughts of lingerie may persuade you to think twice about over time and more about having a nice time. 

It is January and being back from that break at the beach is still fresh and making a habit ( it takes two weeks ) while you are still feeling good is a good habit. 
Trust me making love is better than war and the stats need lifting for the good team ;-) 

The lacy lovelies are in store now - just a spritz of fragrance and heels and you will leave the office way way behind. 

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AusAnna said...

hhaha very true, great post. :-)