Friday, February 27, 2009

new KAREN cover!

Here is the new cover :-)  

yes she is wearing blue lipstick Patty Huntington was rather interested in that. 
The cover features Olivia O' Driscoll from Nova, Chadwick and IMG, shot by our treasure and talented Charles Howells. The genius behind the lipstick is Sarah Laidlow - her second consecutive cover for us.
I hope you like it - I thought we needed some cheering up. 

Hotel Bondi Swim @ Swimfashionweek

photos KAREN MAG The girls their legs the designers Damien and Fern of Hotel Bondi Swim

Hotel Bondi Swim showed to much appreciation last night in the tent out the front of our resort in the hip 10pm closing slot. 

Fern and Damien are a little left of centre as far as swim and fabric design go. Their previous incarnation together was a gorgeous label called Kitten.
Their taste in Music gets the award of the week so far - Six months in a leaky boat in a rocking version of the Split Enz classic to an equally cool version of Pretty in Pink from the film soundtrack of the same titled John Hughes classic starring Molly Ringwald 

- nothing is as whimsical as it first appears with Hotel Bondi Swim.

so to the important little lycra bits.......

The shapes and long distance appearance are all girly and super cute, on closer inspection, that would be a garden Gnome in the florals and in the super sweet oval picture frame print - you have Bob Brown leader for the Green Party grinning in a sketched Portrait of himself. HILARIOUS sense of fun and humor GOD Love them. 
Last season our friend Gary's dog "Bindi" featured in print in a gorgeous sketch so cleverly placed and so life like they are clever.

The last exit of the show featured our favourite bikini bottom emblazoned on the butt in a cross stitch design print saying simply "LOCAL" Bondi has an official uniform. 

The lovely news is that they are expecting a baby! sweet.
 - so go buy one of their cozzies, they don't know how much a little one changes your need for bigger housing and all kinds of stuff yet! :-) 

Swim Fashion Week ....

There is gold when you get up for a 7.45am call to go see dolphins for a media briefing - you get shots like this !!!  Lisa Blue who just showed at Swim Fashion Week at Sanctuary Cove this evening ( which I twitted about throughout ) Lisa is a woman on a mission combining her "passion for fashion" with her mission to save whales. So the dolphin connection (?) this morning was actually very UN fashion is a really beautiful heart warming presentation - we had dolphins playing around us for and hour - very beautiful and serene.  Lisa is on the left of the frame. I'm feeling a little tired now ! x 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Zimmermann at Swim Fashion Week

Zimmermann started with a bang ... rushing to see dolphins more later thought you may want to see some snaps first. x  covered in full here at Coutorture. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

new issue

hello loves 
the new issue is getting its last little polish and we are off to the printer this week 
Yay - so I can get back to blogging my head off 
 be well - love and light x marian 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Louis Vuitton Pacific Series

                                    the racing yachts framed by Rangitoto 

                                   Team Greece 

                                    the girls  

                                                Collette and Bradley

                                                Pietro Beccari,  John and Rasa Bertram
thank you Angela,  Jackie and Di.

Here we are, out on Auckland Harbour on the gorgeous launch Mistro, the official supporters boat for front row of the very styley yacht racing. Thank you Louis Vuitton Pacific Series for a lovely day. The four boats all swapped teams and spinnakers for the pair racing heats. And having famed Australian skipper John Bertram and his spunky wife Rasa explaining to us the ins and outs  of the race as well as the details of carbon fibered state of the art sails, was such a treat.
 And mentioning treats the event HQ, vip bar, and the harbour was filled with gorgeous sailors. Above are the Greek team coming to whisk the briefly visiting  Collette Dinnigan and her partner Bradley Cocks back to base. 
Pietro Beccari burst into spontaneous song as only an italian can ;-) he and his wife - the lovely Elizabetta were over from Paris, Pietro the senior VP of Marketing and communications for LV is responsible for the core values campaigns newly featuring Sean Connery.
And as you can see we were treated to the most perfect day to relax on a boat, Peter Gordon's Dine staff lulled us further with sumptuous food and Moet.  Note Angela holding the Champagne between her toes- the things a girl adapts to on a boat- brilliant.
yes tough and definitely how to do sport.
We digress from our usual flavour to share our sadness with the events happening with the Australian bush fires.
 Instead of buying that one season wear bargain, we have put our pennies toward the Australian Red Cross Victorian fire appeal today. 
to donate click  here   every little bit counts my friends, even five dollars. 
for all the gory pics go to any Australian newspaper online, I cannot bring myself to post them.
god bless 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

the skipper and the Princess

I had the pleasure of meeting John Bertram and his vibrant wife Rasa yesterday. (More about the event later). In my conversation with him he mentioned the charity he chairs, the Alannah and Madeline Foundation
I have been talking about child welfare a lot in the past few days, and knowing healthcare workers  who have revealed to me things you would never want to know (or wish upon anyone). The sensitive issue of child welfare is important to the whole community. And something that the Alannah and Madeline Foundation is working to help Australian children who are victims of violence and the prevention of it. 
So this wonderful man, most famous for wining the America's cup for Australia in 1983, is not one to rest on his achievements. He  has got together with Crown Princess Mary and Kevin Rudd on this popular charity. 

If you are feeling lucky, happy and carefree perhaps you can share some. 
There are events and different ways to contribute.
The Buddy Bag in particular is a wonderful idea. - $120 buys a child who is in hospital or a shelter, often taken there in the middle of the night with a bag of necessities and comfort - all they need short term and may possess of their own in the world in a very tough and lonely time. 

I do truly believe when you give you receive even more. 
love and light x