Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now here is a new Jacket that I must have!

Dressed up and ready to play.

I love this wine, 12% red in a bottle of delicious bubbles, my favourite Rosé.
I have a few of these little jackets in the cupboard, and now for a new beauty to add to the collection.

In fact as far as branding goes I am a total sucker for Veuve Clicquot.
I always have a bottle in the fridge. (I live in Volcanic areas- you never know when they are going to blow)
I have the sexy Ice Bucket, the scuba jackets as I like to call them, the flute glasses, the handbag picnic set......

Now the Birdsong Ice Jacket, designed by the French artistic director and illustrator Pierre Marie, the theme is inspired by dusk - the time when the birds call, the sky softens to pink and the perfect time to pop a Rosé, surely.

Pretty and practical the Jacket keeps the temp just right for up to two hours - great for a magical and romantic bubbly rendex-vous.

Now I just have to wait till Feb 1st.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

art branding

I do have a little weakness for big brands, (who can often get rather stayed) that lash out and do something fun.

Range Rover have stepped out in Paris far from their British hunting green.
On show in Paris at the Pompidou Centre and the Palais de Tokyo between the 28th and 30th of September '10.
Range Rover have a new model, their smallest lightest in weight and light on the juice called Evoque, I'm guessing they are pitching at the fashion/city set then,.
They roll out the car in 2011.
The artist creating the pieces are André AKA Monsieur A, JCDC, Surface to Air and Yorgo Touplas.

Apparently Juliette Lewis is to perform live to celebrate the new release model.
Now that would be entertaining.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ace type!

Shuffling around with design.

From the very clever Jim Sutherland at UK based hat trick design the ultimate design freaks deck of cards.

What a brief ! 52 cards + Jokers with a different font for each card incorporating the suit symbol. In Jim's words: "made it hard but very rewarding. It was like solving 54 micro design problems". The man is a genius (and or) has a head for a long term hobby.

Already gagging for a deck after spotting this on The Strange Attractor
thought you would be game too.

Inquiries can be made to allison@hat-trickdesign.co.uk

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zambesi 30th anniversary retrospective.

photos Marian Simms

Elizabeth and Neville Findlay celebrate 30 years of their family business this year. An outstanding achievement anywhere in the world. And it was humbly celebrated as a closing event in Auckland their home town at Air New Zealand Fashion Week.

To be front row for such a landmark event is rather a privilege indeed.

The show opened with a powerful performance from the Black Grace Dance company, on the runway - energetic and proud.
The fashion show saw a collection of garments from the design archives styled beautifully for one show. We were transported to a time in our life when the collection showing was on high rotation in our wardrobes.

The makeup in four looks was put together by M.A.C's Amber D from past shows looks researched in the show archives.
As was the, hair created by Ryder Salon whom with KMS have been working together in collaboration many years.

I saw at least 5 garments on the runway still hanging in my wardrobe. The strength of Liz Findlay's voice in design was testament to how relevant so many of the pieces were to this day.
A designer who over the years has enabled us to add pieces to our wardrobe that fit our personalities and define us as design appreciative humans and still flattering our figures and designing beyond trend.

The collection I am most fond of a recent on the Greek plate smashing summer range from Australian Fashion Week was well represented in two looks. A range I was nostalgic to see as Tuliah's influence has faded fast since her departure - the sexy Zambesi girl was a distinct favourite. Then to see Dane's influence in his first range extending into the range shown earlier in the week - everyone in flat shoes. The silver suit was a pretty special moment in his expression as menswear designer.

However it was Liz's night, her talent and vision are the inspiration for most New Zealanders within the artistic community. Plenty who have been born whilst she has reigned as the Queen of the fashion industry.

high fashion in tiny shoes, Trelise Kids

Photos Marian Simms

This show was the first at ANZFW I felt really very excited about going to. The staging and the props just felt a little magical to enter into. The macaroons on the chair all pinkness and delight.

I enjoyed this show so much, for me one of the best in the week.
The shots I was capturing inspired me, the styling was transforming these little ladies through my lense into powerful fashion images.

There is a lot of great energy pouring through Trelise Cooper and her superb team. It is wonderful to be around it.

Seeing actress Kiesha Castle Hughes walk down the runway embracing her daughter was a lovely moment. ( she was lampooned in the media for having a child so young, yet she has had such a big life and makes a beautiful mother) The mothers all around me, their little and not so little children feeling so special in their outfits.
This is what I love about a fashion show - an event that you just had to be there for, beautiful clothes, great music and feeling. Drama and romance, some sparkle and a stage alive.

That it was a kids show - well I think kids have such compelling presence. Everything was tiny therefor looked a d o r a b l e and it was a an excellently produced show.

- it was a great show on every level mini or not.

There were tiny leafy carrots in a pile near my feet. The floor was covered in pages from books. The set was theatrical with enormous effort and thought put in.

I loved it to bits.

That I have a boy is..... well..... I will make a great granny one day.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


photos Marian Simms

To the incredulous surprise of all fashion followers and fans of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson came to New Zealand.
More surprising, Pamela was coming to fashion week. Famous for not wearing clothes and of course nothing changed in the nippy viaduct in Auckland yesterday.

On the world tour to promote their Label A*Muse, Richie Rich of *Heatherette* and Pamela Anderson premiered their launch at Air New Zealand Fashion Week.

Rich in a self described Warhol role with Pamela as his muse presented the LA, surf punk, glamour girl, lifestyle collection.

A*Muse or more specifically amuse and arouse they did. The whole tent erupted into a roar of laughter, ooohs and giggles as a fit young male model carrying a surfboard, wearing eyeliner, a grin and a very tight pair of low slung white jersey slashed leggins opened the show.

Most people in the room took photos creating the most documented show of the week. NZ's own pinup girl Nicky Watson bronzed and only just secured into a bikini on the runway was joined by popular surfers and models. With a few LA imports in for gregarious cod piece displays.

Closing the show were Rich and Anderson here are my front row snaps:

photo Marian Simms

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gucci Mens evening.

Photo Norrie Montgomery The A List

Gucci held an intimate "men only" soirée to launch the new collection and introduce the made-to-order suiting and shirt service to Auckland's best dressed men last night.

The Queen street Gucci store, feeling very much like a gentleman's club was indeed a most handsome sight. With the tall dashing and (as he reminded us) newly single news journalist and lawer Simon Dallow comparing, the menswear collection was shown with much appreciation especially with the gorgeous Georgia Fowler making a gorgeous runway cameo.

Sarah Paykel at the door in a backless black silk dress greeted as the room filled with fashion aficionados.
The beautiful Gucci women in from Australia holding court were there Helen Soo, Sally Poole, Susie McCallum, Marcia Temporal & Christine Woodley.

In attendance were hair kings Grant Bettjeman and Paul Serville. Art Dealer Gary Langsford. The energetic Jeff Fearon of Fearon Hay Architects. Dashing financier and Clooney co owner Peter Hulijich. Richard Bagnall owner of the hot new bar Longroom. Charming Business consultant Chao Xian Yang. Jeweller Graeme Thompson. Fashion misters Muray Bevan and Atip Wananuruks.

Catching my eye was Patrizio Buanne the Italian Baritone who was in town performing. Fitting that the best dressed man in the room was indeed an italian, we were at Gucci after all.

Seated between stylist Robert Niwa (pictured) and actor Peter Mochrie for the fashion parade it was great to hear their appreciation for the collection on show. And the presentation was short and very very sharp.

Not often do I have the feeling I have been accepted into a secret club, a very well dressed mens one at that.