Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zambesi 30th anniversary retrospective.

photos Marian Simms

Elizabeth and Neville Findlay celebrate 30 years of their family business this year. An outstanding achievement anywhere in the world. And it was humbly celebrated as a closing event in Auckland their home town at Air New Zealand Fashion Week.

To be front row for such a landmark event is rather a privilege indeed.

The show opened with a powerful performance from the Black Grace Dance company, on the runway - energetic and proud.
The fashion show saw a collection of garments from the design archives styled beautifully for one show. We were transported to a time in our life when the collection showing was on high rotation in our wardrobes.

The makeup in four looks was put together by M.A.C's Amber D from past shows looks researched in the show archives.
As was the, hair created by Ryder Salon whom with KMS have been working together in collaboration many years.

I saw at least 5 garments on the runway still hanging in my wardrobe. The strength of Liz Findlay's voice in design was testament to how relevant so many of the pieces were to this day.
A designer who over the years has enabled us to add pieces to our wardrobe that fit our personalities and define us as design appreciative humans and still flattering our figures and designing beyond trend.

The collection I am most fond of a recent on the Greek plate smashing summer range from Australian Fashion Week was well represented in two looks. A range I was nostalgic to see as Tuliah's influence has faded fast since her departure - the sexy Zambesi girl was a distinct favourite. Then to see Dane's influence in his first range extending into the range shown earlier in the week - everyone in flat shoes. The silver suit was a pretty special moment in his expression as menswear designer.

However it was Liz's night, her talent and vision are the inspiration for most New Zealanders within the artistic community. Plenty who have been born whilst she has reigned as the Queen of the fashion industry.