Sunday, September 27, 2009

high fashion in tiny shoes, Trelise Kids

Photos Marian Simms

This show was the first at ANZFW I felt really very excited about going to. The staging and the props just felt a little magical to enter into. The macaroons on the chair all pinkness and delight.

I enjoyed this show so much, for me one of the best in the week.
The shots I was capturing inspired me, the styling was transforming these little ladies through my lense into powerful fashion images.

There is a lot of great energy pouring through Trelise Cooper and her superb team. It is wonderful to be around it.

Seeing actress Kiesha Castle Hughes walk down the runway embracing her daughter was a lovely moment. ( she was lampooned in the media for having a child so young, yet she has had such a big life and makes a beautiful mother) The mothers all around me, their little and not so little children feeling so special in their outfits.
This is what I love about a fashion show - an event that you just had to be there for, beautiful clothes, great music and feeling. Drama and romance, some sparkle and a stage alive.

That it was a kids show - well I think kids have such compelling presence. Everything was tiny therefor looked a d o r a b l e and it was a an excellently produced show.

- it was a great show on every level mini or not.

There were tiny leafy carrots in a pile near my feet. The floor was covered in pages from books. The set was theatrical with enormous effort and thought put in.

I loved it to bits.

That I have a boy is..... well..... I will make a great granny one day.

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