Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gucci Mens evening.

Photo Norrie Montgomery The A List

Gucci held an intimate "men only" soirée to launch the new collection and introduce the made-to-order suiting and shirt service to Auckland's best dressed men last night.

The Queen street Gucci store, feeling very much like a gentleman's club was indeed a most handsome sight. With the tall dashing and (as he reminded us) newly single news journalist and lawer Simon Dallow comparing, the menswear collection was shown with much appreciation especially with the gorgeous Georgia Fowler making a gorgeous runway cameo.

Sarah Paykel at the door in a backless black silk dress greeted as the room filled with fashion aficionados.
The beautiful Gucci women in from Australia holding court were there Helen Soo, Sally Poole, Susie McCallum, Marcia Temporal & Christine Woodley.

In attendance were hair kings Grant Bettjeman and Paul Serville. Art Dealer Gary Langsford. The energetic Jeff Fearon of Fearon Hay Architects. Dashing financier and Clooney co owner Peter Hulijich. Richard Bagnall owner of the hot new bar Longroom. Charming Business consultant Chao Xian Yang. Jeweller Graeme Thompson. Fashion misters Muray Bevan and Atip Wananuruks.

Catching my eye was Patrizio Buanne the Italian Baritone who was in town performing. Fitting that the best dressed man in the room was indeed an italian, we were at Gucci after all.

Seated between stylist Robert Niwa (pictured) and actor Peter Mochrie for the fashion parade it was great to hear their appreciation for the collection on show. And the presentation was short and very very sharp.

Not often do I have the feeling I have been accepted into a secret club, a very well dressed mens one at that.

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