Saturday, September 26, 2009


photos Marian Simms

To the incredulous surprise of all fashion followers and fans of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson came to New Zealand.
More surprising, Pamela was coming to fashion week. Famous for not wearing clothes and of course nothing changed in the nippy viaduct in Auckland yesterday.

On the world tour to promote their Label A*Muse, Richie Rich of *Heatherette* and Pamela Anderson premiered their launch at Air New Zealand Fashion Week.

Rich in a self described Warhol role with Pamela as his muse presented the LA, surf punk, glamour girl, lifestyle collection.

A*Muse or more specifically amuse and arouse they did. The whole tent erupted into a roar of laughter, ooohs and giggles as a fit young male model carrying a surfboard, wearing eyeliner, a grin and a very tight pair of low slung white jersey slashed leggins opened the show.

Most people in the room took photos creating the most documented show of the week. NZ's own pinup girl Nicky Watson bronzed and only just secured into a bikini on the runway was joined by popular surfers and models. With a few LA imports in for gregarious cod piece displays.

Closing the show were Rich and Anderson here are my front row snaps:

photo Marian Simms

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