Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh Olivia O

We have a new local model crush.
And by the sounds of things you may be feeling the same way too shortly. 

Model fans look out for this little Kiwi sweetie, shot here by Charles Howells  just landing an exclusive editorial deal with Australian Vogue. (look out in the new year)

 Olivia is placed in the trusty hands of the one and only model mania blogger and booker Joseph Tenni at Chadwick models. Her mother agent in NZ Nova and her international manager MHI ( genius)  have a lot to be proud of. 

There was a little too much speculation about a Prada show hold for my liking recently - these things should really only be spoken about once the beauty actually graces the runway and then ka-pow impact and PR - never the less the hype has settled and the proof is in the pictures. 

It is a rarity for girls with such presence and height to be discovered in NZ and anyone local may remember her from the ( dare I say tacky ) all over bronzer TVC commercials - to say it simply, she has come a long way baby and fast. - no doubt you will be adoring something on her in the not to distant future. 

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Anonymous said...

WHAT a proportionate and perfectly balanced face!