Monday, December 8, 2008

issue 7

Starting by introducing you to our cover model Emma Booth, who's reaction to the cover is largely unprintable - lets just say she was delighted with a lot exclamations in her emails and huge acknowledgment to Charles Howells our cover photographer.
Emma has been writing to us from set, playing Clive Owen's love interest, then up to the UK filming Pelican Blood followed by Paris for the cinematic adaptation of an Australian novel. That is 5 films yet to be released - we will be seeing a lot more of Emma Booth in the coming year.  
Emma wears Gucci fall 08 
Makeup by Rae Morris Hair by Sarah Laidlaw shot on location at Luxe Studios Sydney.


Miss Ruby Rouge Make-up Artist said...

i just had to tell you karen is one of my fave magazines i love buying it every month such an inspiration...

marian said...

Fantastic! KAREN is all about inspiration :-)