Wednesday, December 17, 2008

abuzz and in a flutter.

Lancôme Oscillation Mascara.

I have eyelash issues, I have nothing visibly distinguishable to flaunt, suffice to say my mascara really has to work hard. 
My favourite mascara in the world is made by Lancôme. They really make the best. I have two in my bag, one a super black and fat - the difference is 1960's proportions.  The other is waterproof - I am a swimmer and I am prone to being even emotionally moved by those queer eye boys.
 When Lancôme do something special with mascara - it is like a new  genius undergarment, I take notice. There are the pretty and simple in cosmetics, as in undergarments - however mascara is in the full form, architecture and technology dept. 
And Lancôme has created their new masterpiece, Oscillation Mascara.

The vibrating wand has created a world wide flutter - and yep there is reason.
It is marvelous
Fast, perfect application, great lengthening, defining and curling form - and it is kinda fun.

A little button on the side of the lid/handle ignites the vibration that when applied creates the ziz zag motion that professionals use to coat lengthen and separate for the top and bottom coverage of the lash. 
Even though the whole process is swift - take your time in long slow sweeps. Bottom lashes, try using just the top tip with the want vertical concentrating on the ends of the lash rather than closer to the eye for an opening effect. 

Now available on order in NZ - (whimper) - on counter early next year and perhaps if you are on the waiting list by the looks of things. 
Rock star behavior I know! and worldwide consumers are buying two at once! 
What a serious fan base. Now if my order could just join the vip queue please.


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