Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now here is a new Jacket that I must have!

Dressed up and ready to play.

I love this wine, 12% red in a bottle of delicious bubbles, my favourite Rosé.
I have a few of these little jackets in the cupboard, and now for a new beauty to add to the collection.

In fact as far as branding goes I am a total sucker for Veuve Clicquot.
I always have a bottle in the fridge. (I live in Volcanic areas- you never know when they are going to blow)
I have the sexy Ice Bucket, the scuba jackets as I like to call them, the flute glasses, the handbag picnic set......

Now the Birdsong Ice Jacket, designed by the French artistic director and illustrator Pierre Marie, the theme is inspired by dusk - the time when the birds call, the sky softens to pink and the perfect time to pop a Rosé, surely.

Pretty and practical the Jacket keeps the temp just right for up to two hours - great for a magical and romantic bubbly rendex-vous.

Now I just have to wait till Feb 1st.

1 comment:

Wallace Chapman said...

Now thats what I call a jacket. I wonder if they're available in NZ? Gorgeous..