Wednesday, September 29, 2010

art branding

I do have a little weakness for big brands, (who can often get rather stayed) that lash out and do something fun.

Range Rover have stepped out in Paris far from their British hunting green.
On show in Paris at the Pompidou Centre and the Palais de Tokyo between the 28th and 30th of September '10.
Range Rover have a new model, their smallest lightest in weight and light on the juice called Evoque, I'm guessing they are pitching at the fashion/city set then,.
They roll out the car in 2011.
The artist creating the pieces are André AKA Monsieur A, JCDC, Surface to Air and Yorgo Touplas.

Apparently Juliette Lewis is to perform live to celebrate the new release model.
Now that would be entertaining.

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Aych said...

These are incredible! X