Monday, February 9, 2009

Louis Vuitton Pacific Series

                                    the racing yachts framed by Rangitoto 

                                   Team Greece 

                                    the girls  

                                                Collette and Bradley

                                                Pietro Beccari,  John and Rasa Bertram
thank you Angela,  Jackie and Di.

Here we are, out on Auckland Harbour on the gorgeous launch Mistro, the official supporters boat for front row of the very styley yacht racing. Thank you Louis Vuitton Pacific Series for a lovely day. The four boats all swapped teams and spinnakers for the pair racing heats. And having famed Australian skipper John Bertram and his spunky wife Rasa explaining to us the ins and outs  of the race as well as the details of carbon fibered state of the art sails, was such a treat.
 And mentioning treats the event HQ, vip bar, and the harbour was filled with gorgeous sailors. Above are the Greek team coming to whisk the briefly visiting  Collette Dinnigan and her partner Bradley Cocks back to base. 
Pietro Beccari burst into spontaneous song as only an italian can ;-) he and his wife - the lovely Elizabetta were over from Paris, Pietro the senior VP of Marketing and communications for LV is responsible for the core values campaigns newly featuring Sean Connery.
And as you can see we were treated to the most perfect day to relax on a boat, Peter Gordon's Dine staff lulled us further with sumptuous food and Moet.  Note Angela holding the Champagne between her toes- the things a girl adapts to on a boat- brilliant.
yes tough and definitely how to do sport.


AusAnna said...

oh my gosh, I'm so beyond jealous!
I would love to meet the marketing vp of LV arrgh.
great shots to match :)x

marian said...

he is hilarious and charming like all italians, he lives in Paris and travels the world constantly. Very happy with himself too :-)

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