Friday, February 27, 2009

Hotel Bondi Swim @ Swimfashionweek

photos KAREN MAG The girls their legs the designers Damien and Fern of Hotel Bondi Swim

Hotel Bondi Swim showed to much appreciation last night in the tent out the front of our resort in the hip 10pm closing slot. 

Fern and Damien are a little left of centre as far as swim and fabric design go. Their previous incarnation together was a gorgeous label called Kitten.
Their taste in Music gets the award of the week so far - Six months in a leaky boat in a rocking version of the Split Enz classic to an equally cool version of Pretty in Pink from the film soundtrack of the same titled John Hughes classic starring Molly Ringwald 

- nothing is as whimsical as it first appears with Hotel Bondi Swim.

so to the important little lycra bits.......

The shapes and long distance appearance are all girly and super cute, on closer inspection, that would be a garden Gnome in the florals and in the super sweet oval picture frame print - you have Bob Brown leader for the Green Party grinning in a sketched Portrait of himself. HILARIOUS sense of fun and humor GOD Love them. 
Last season our friend Gary's dog "Bindi" featured in print in a gorgeous sketch so cleverly placed and so life like they are clever.

The last exit of the show featured our favourite bikini bottom emblazoned on the butt in a cross stitch design print saying simply "LOCAL" Bondi has an official uniform. 

The lovely news is that they are expecting a baby! sweet.
 - so go buy one of their cozzies, they don't know how much a little one changes your need for bigger housing and all kinds of stuff yet! :-) 

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AusAnna said...

alexandra was in the front of that pic, def my fav model she was so so so lovely!. do you email? id love to here more about Karen mag. :)x