Friday, March 13, 2009

Jay Harrison in person

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to meet KAREN photographer Jay Harrison in person. 
And what a lovely bloke he is! 
I often work remotely with our contributors as they dash about the planet. Email, Skype, SMS, Facebook and Twitter are all part of the daily touching base with our large band of creatives. 
So to meet up in person after over a year of electronic conversation is quite a buzz - never mind I was baking and the house was occupied with small people, he was just charming. 

- In the usual zero degrees of separation that happens now, Jay's nephew had been at the same kindergarden as my son and we are friends with his sister and live on the same island of 8K residents :-o 
How small is this world?

Jay shot the stunning closing fashion spread "Malibu" in the new KAREN issue as pictured above, starring Viviens beauty Shanay Hall, styled by Edwina Robinson, MU by Katrina Raftery, Hair by Barney Martin. 


Yana.Rudenko said...

what brand are those jeans?

Style On Track said...

i adore the new issue of Karen Magazine :)

Cassiopeia said...

wow! small world :-D those photos are amazing! wish i was in aus and could get hold of a copy of karen! love your blog :-D


Marian said...

That spread is just GORGEOUS!!!
I'm the UK's biggest fan of KAREN mag! Keep up the yummy work.
muah x